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Yurtbay Seramik holds Traditional Dealers Convention in Antalya

Yurtbay Seramik held the “United We are Made” themed Dealer Convention at Voyage Belek Hotel, Antalya. At the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Yurtbay Seramik between December 17 and 20, the company delivered its investment and growth objectives, introduced new products, and presented awards to the highest grossing dealers of 2015 and to the dealers celebrating their 20th year.

Yurtbay Seramik dealers were greeted with a productive three-day program at the convention with the “United We are Made” theme. Vice Chairman of Yurtbay Seramik İlter Yurtbay delivered the opening speech at the convention. Founder of Marketing and Sales School Sinan Ergin and CNNTürk Economy Director Emin Çapa attended the convention as guest speakers. 

Yurtbay Seramik held the 3rd of its traditional dealer convention between December 17-20, 2015 this year. Domestic and foreign dealers took part at the dealer convention at the Voyage Belek Hotel as part of the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Yurtbay Seramik. 

Following the opening speech by Vice Chairman of Yurtbay Seramik İlter Yurtbay, Yurtbay Seramik delivered business results for 2015, ran an assessment of the its 20 years of history, and presented the objectives for 2016. Yurtbay talked about change, sustainable growth, competition and customer-centricity on his opening speech. Board Member Mustafa Girgin ensued with a speech titled, “The Past and Present of Yurtbay, and the Future of Ceramic” as he discussed the imminent completion of the fourth factory investment, subsequent capacity increase, and the plans to begin production of large size ceramics. He laid stress on the high expectations regarding the factory. 

Production Manager of the Second Factory Cengiz Alan assessed the Turkish ceramic industry, commented on technological developments as well as on environmental awareness and quality, and announced the new certifications to acquire within this scope. Yurtbay Construction Chemicals General Coordinator Tolga Sarı provided information on the YYK innovations and on the activities of the master club. 

Meanwhile, Sales Manager Serdar Başaran announced the sales revenue, square-meter and dealer targets for 2016. 

Toplantıda 3. Zeki Yurtbay Tasarım yarışması ödül töreni gerçekleştirildi. Dokuz eser sahibine sertifikaları ve ödülleri takdim edildi.

The top-three dealers in the Turkey and regional rankings were presented plaques at the convention with participation from Sinan Ergin and Emin Çapa as speakers. Yurtbay Seramik Pazarlama A.Ş. The convention came to a close with the closing remarks and thank you speech by Sales Manager Kemal Saygı. Bülent Serttaş took to the stage at the gala dinner.

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