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Turkey's Biggest Yurtbay Seramik Showroom Opens
Turkey's Biggest Yurtbay Seramik Showroom Opens

Çakmak Yapı A.Ş., business partner of Yurtbay Seramik in Istanbul, inaugurated Turkey's biggest showroom on Wednesday, June 1 with participation from Deputy Governor of Istanbul Ahmet Önal; District Governor of Küçükçekmece Harun Kaya; District Governor of Eyüp Abdullah Dölek; Yurtbay Seramik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Chairman Başkanı Zeki Yurtbay, and a large crowd of guests. 


Çakmak Yapı A.Ş. features striking design to appeal all tastes on a 1,600-square meter indoor showroom.


Deputy Governor of Istanbul Ahmet Önal; District Governor of Eyüp Abdullah Dölek; District Governor of Küçükçekmece Harun Kaya; Yurtbay Seramik Vice Chairman İlter Yurtbay; Yurtbay Seramik General Manager Köksal Çınar; and Çakmak Yapı A.Ş. Chairman Mehmet Ali Çakmak made the opening speeches.


Yurtbay Seramik Vice Chairman İlter Yurtbay said, "Yurtbay Seramik Eskişehir plant was founded in 1995 on a 700,000-square meter outdoor and 100,000-square meter indoor area with 3.5 million square meters of capacity. We have achieved exports to 50 countries, creating jobs for 1,000 people with a 20-million square meter capacity, which steadily rose over the years, driven with the 'Quality First' strategy. 'Persistence in quality, right product and world-class production' principle was to the success.Today, we strive for Yurtbay leadership by drawing strength from our 'From Nature to Art' motto and by tirelessly working along with nearly 200 dealers across the country. Çakmak Yapı A.Ş. will be the new contributor to this effort. This excellent showroom will be exhibiting all our products for the consumers. I hope that Yurtbay Seramik Çakmak Yapı A.Ş. Showroom will bring prosperity to our country's economy, Yurtbay community and the Çakmak Yapı A.Ş. family."

With the newest Yurtbay Seramik creations on display, the showroom is also Turkey's largest Yurtbay Seramik store. The 1,600-square meter two-story showroom allows for cozy and comfortable inspection of the collections with lively exhibition of Yurtbay Seramik ceramics for all tastes. 

The modern architecture of the showroom provides a pleasant shopping experience, offering a one-of-a-kind affair with a wide spectrum of products for Istanbul residents. On display are a variety of choices suitable for diverse areas, including homes, big hotels, stores, restaurants and large architectural projects.

Facing Basın Ekspres Yolu and just a stone's throw away from the airport, the showroom adds new value to İkitelli, city's most important business and residential center. This strategically coveted location makes transportation, visits and connections east not only for commercial partners out side of Istanbul, but also for export customers. 

Address: Çakmak Yapı A.Ş. Basın Ekspres Şubesi: Halkalı Merkez Mah. Basın Ekspres Cad. N: 9/6 Capital Tower İş Merkezi Küçükçekmece / İstanbul - Tel: 0 212 696 01 10 -11 -12

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