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The compass showing direction for our development process
We focus on quality-focused customer happiness in all areas from design to product to service. As Yurtbay Seramik Family, we aim to develop our reputable and pioneer company position in the industry while mobilizing our resources for quality. In line with this goal:
  • The principle of continuous development is adopted to ensure that every worker embraces our quality values and contributes to the process.
  • Compliance of the products and processes to national and international standards is guaranteed by the company and we work based on this sensitivity.
  • Continuous improvement is ensured by evaluating customer feedback.
  • Environmentally-friendly production is achieved with human-focused and sustainable resources together with all of our stakeholders.


Our commitment to the life and future generations
We feel responsible for the nature and the environment that we will entrust to our children. We aim to constantly improve the environment and energy management systems through their installation in order to prevent or at least to minimize negative impacts from products, production and services. To this end:
  • All statutory and customer requirements are met.
  • Improvement works are made to prevent or minimize waste at source.
  • Necessary controls and improvement works are made to reduce and control the release of greenhouse gases arising from the production process.
  • Environmental impacts of new products or new processes are assessed and necessary actions are taken to eliminate or minimize the impacts.
  • Energy efficiency is assessed in every phase of the process and energy efficiency is ensured between energy conversion projects and units.
  • Necessary information, expertise and economic resources are provided to achieve the performance assessment and targets to be set to eliminate or minimize environmental impacts.


Every time an extraordinary experience
In our company policy driven by customer satisfaction, we aim to develop our management system accordingly and achieve perfection by constantly improving it.
Our customers may visit our web page https://www.yurtbay.com.tr/iletisim for their inquiries, wishes, comments and recommendations and https://www.yurtbay.com.tr/sik-sorulan-sorular where frequently asked questions are included and our social media accounts to get further information. 
You can get our contact information via our website or through all our dealers or information about our products from our social media accounts and Yurtbay Mobile application.
It is our priority to give feedback to our customers for their requests, complaints, inquiries and recommendations as soon as possible and to conclude them within the specified timelines.
Personal information of our customers is secured.
Customer Orientation:
Customer feedbacks are the source of our improvement efforts in our management system. These works contribute to the further development of our products and services.
Complaints, inquiries and requests are recorded and evaluated by experts and then concluded. All documents and reports requested by customers are communicated to them.
Continuous Improvement:
As Yurtbay Family, each customer is important and valuable and their suggestions, requests or complaints are used as a source for improvement works.


Uncompromising care for healthy people & healthy environment
  • We aim to create a management system for ensuring, protecting and improving Occupational Health and Safety awareness in all employees and stakeholders with our human-oriented approach. To this end, we commit to:
  • Meet all statutory and other obligations related to Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Provide the necessary training and resources for improvement studies on Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Raise Occupational Health and Safety awareness in all employees through near-misses and suggestions and to manage this process together with them,
  • Ensure participation in risk analysis and improvement studies at all levels,
  • Achieve sustainability in improvement works aiming at zero occupational accident.

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