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The venture our founder and Chairman Zeki Yurtbay initiated half a century ago with brick and roof tile production in Zonguldak reached a national scale with the foundation of the Yurtbay Ceramics factory in Eskişehir in 1995. Today, the company boasts a production capacity of 20,000,000 square meters on 700,000 square meters of outdoor and 100,000 square meters of indoor areas. Yurtbay Seramik sets itself apart from the competition as it produces and supplies under the same brand in a single facility all of the company’s products, including technical granites, floor tiles, wall tiles, interlaced digital tiles, small-size tiles, construction chemicals, and frits.

Yurtbay has risen to the ranks of growing, respected and leading domestic brands with the “quality first” motto. Bolstered with constant national growth, it also enjoys a reputation as an international brand with exports to 50 countries and collaboration with the world’s largest sales chains.


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